Roddie Law

What is broken can be mended, what hurts can be healed but no matter how hard it gets, THE SUN WILL SURELY RISE AGAIN.

I would say I am a survivor and I’ve gone through hardships but the TOUGHEST and HARDEST part of my life appeared some months ago and I can say categorically that “I DIED” , Yes, I was only breathing in and out but my soul left my body, I became a shadow of myself, lost all my purpose on earth,became very unhappy and for the first time in my entire life, I felt worthless. Through it all, I gave up and I broke down real bad BUT I promised not to stay down for too long.

So, I asked for help, I didn’t keep quiet,I spoke with my very dear friend who never stopped listening to me (I am grateful to you) and I called my momma who then got me a therapist from @psychebabbleng (PsychebabbleFoundation). Trust me, I must say that I made the best decision ever by speaking to a therapist.

Though I’m still healing, I want to let you know that you will heal too if you speak up whenever you are feeling down, whenever you are depressed or you just don’t feel your best. PLEASE SPEAK UP, DON’T STAY SILENT and as for me, God has restored my soul and I am here to share because I AM A WARRIOR AND NOT A WORRIER, I WILL ONLY ADJUST MY CROWN BUT I WILL NOT DROP IT FOR ANY REASON!!!!! ro

– Roddielaw.